MANAGED SERVICES –   The IT Service Solution You Have Been Searching For

Managed IT Services allow you to offload your business’ IT operations to a Managed Services Provider (MSP)  As your trusted MSP,  Soho Genius assumes the ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and problem resolution of the IT systems within your facility, which allows you to focus on what you do best- running your business.

If your business hasn’t recently had an IT “health checkup”, if you don’t know when or where your last backups were made or if you are suffering from other IT woes,  Call us today  for a complete business technology analysis. 


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Isn’t that what people always say? But when it comes network and IT support, it’s an approach that could be killing your business.

IT infrastructure isn’t something you buy once and rarely need to service. It’s a resource that requires constant expert care to be effective. So the break-fix model — waiting for something to break, then calling someone to fix it — hurts your business.

Most break-fix clients think that paying only for actual problems saves them money. But that’s not true. Break-fix tends to cost more than managed services over time How, you ask?

  • Break fix hurts your productivity. By the time you call your IT support with a problem, your productivity is already plummeting. So apart from the hard cost of fixing the incident, you also lose money through downtime and loss of productivity.
  • Break fix can mean you accept sub-par network performance. When you know it’s going to cost money every time you contact your IT support, you tend to start tolerating “minor” annoyances and hiccups. Over time, those little performance issues become a fact of life, continually chipping away at your productivity. Again, lost money.
  • Break fix means disaster is more likely to strike. Putting off regular maintenance, such as checking backups or monitoring activity on the firewall, creates ripe conditions for disastrous events that could be avoided. Disasters are costly to address—and again, downtime.
  • Break-fix can multiply your problems. Reactive fixes often become band-aid solutions that don’t address bigger underlying issues—or actually make them worse. By resolving one problem with break-fix tech support, other serious issues can be created that will cost money for months to come.
  • Break-fix creates expense spikes. A reactive service model is an unreliable way to deal with your IT infrastructure. In addition to paying for problems to go away, you may also need to make sudden outlays for new gear that’s gone out-of-date with no one noticing. The possibility of facing huge unexpected bills at any time is a stark reality.